Rules in Dog Training: Who Are the Rules For?

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Rules in Dog Training: Who Are the Rules For?

Dog Training has important rules as anything in our life. As you must learn and follow  Safety Rules While Driving a car and you follow the rules of the road.When you go to the theater, you follow the theater’s rules and turn off your cell phones. (Okay, maybe you don’t but you should!) There are even rules for blogging. Dog training is no different. you must  follow Rules in Dog Training

You might be surprised to learn that the rules of dog training apply not only to your dog but also to you, as a dog owner and/or dog trainer.

In fun and informative interview,  vet talk about setting rules for your dog as well setting rules for yourself.

Among the things that we should be able to expect from our dogs, we can list these five goals.


  1. .Your dog should be house trained
  2. you should be able to expect him not to pee or poop in the house.
  3. Your dog should not nip or bite at people.
  4. Your dog should be able to be left alone without barking excessively or destroying your home.
  5. the dog should be friendly when greeting people.
  6.   when you call Your dog, it should return back to you.

However, the vet is quick to point out that if your dog does not do these things, the failure is yours, not your dogs. The failure is yours because you’ve failed to teach your dog what is expected of him and you’ve broken one of the rules of dog training. You’ll have to listen to the interview to learn more about reasonable expectations for your dog’s behavior.

What about the rules for people?

Do you realize that when you take your dog out in public, you are making an impression, either positive or negative, that reflects on all dog owners? Do you realize that your dog acts as an ambassador for dogs in general and perhaps even for an individual breed (depending on what type of dog you have)? I don’t believe I ever really considered the issue in quite that way but, on thinking about it, Andrea is right about that.


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