Food Supplements For Dogs With Cataracts

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These Food Supplements for Dogs With Cataracts don’t only help your dog deal with the disease, they can also help keep them healthy and strong. They will also make your pet fit enough to fight off other diseases.Food Supplements for Dogs With Cataracts

While surgery is the only known cure for cataracts, pet owners can certainly improve the condition of their dog through the use of helpful supplements.

If your dog has a cataract, make sure that you add these food Supplements to his diet.

Food Supplements for Dogs With Cataracts and its Benefits :

1. Vitamin E

 the most recommended Food Supplements for Dogs With Cataracts is Vitamin E.

Food Supplements for Dogs With Cataracts

Vitamin E is rich in anti-oxidants, which can also help your dog in restoring its eyesight. What’s more, it has been discovered that Vitamin E has eight forms. When all of them are contained in a supplement you give to your pet, you’ll get the vitamin’s full benefits against Cataracts in Dogs.

2. Zinc

Zinc has always been a mineral that can provide better vision.

it directly helps keep the tissue of the eye from further damage. Dogs with cataracts tend to squint in the daylight, which can further damage their eyesight. This instance will be helped a lot by zinc supplements. Zinc is also known as the mineral that keeps the retinal tissues healthy.

3. Vitamin A

Vitamin A has always been referred to as the eye vitamin.

This is a known fact in humans, and it works with your dog too. Vitamin A supplements can greatly improve the condition of your dog’s eyes. Dogs that have undergone cataract surgery but whose lens was not replaced with an artificial counterpart will greatly benefit from this supplement, which can lessen the blurring in the dog’s vision over time.

4. Lutein

Lutein is an all-new nutrient. It was discovered very recently and its functions are definitely associated with vision improvement. Currently, Lutein can be obtained from green leafy vegetables. If you can feed your dog these goodies, go ahead and do so. Lutein also has the ability to shield the eyes against harmful light rays like UV radiation.

5. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is known as the immunity booster.

Food Supplements for Dogs With Cataracts

Other than that, this vitamin is also very rich in anti-oxidants, which can be good for your dog’s condition. Vitamin C works very much like Vitamin E supplements. It protects the eyes and boosts their functions.

6. Other Natural Anti-Oxidants

There are many other anti-oxidants on the market that are sold in a supplement form.

Should you want to add to your dog’s well-being, you can also give some Alpha Lipoic Acid, Quercetin, and grape seed extract. All of these nutrients can do their share in maintaining the vision of your pet despite its condition.

To be properly guided, be sure that you consult with a veterinarian about the dosage of these supplements. You also have to know their proper administration, as some of them may come only in pill form. Keep your vet on top of things to make sure that his treatment procedure doesn’t interfere with the supplements that you plan to give your pet.

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