A Simple Easy Tip to Stop Your Dog from Chewing or Licking at His Paws

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A Simple Easy Tip to Stop Your Dog from licking paws

dog licking paws is a common

If your dog is one of the many dogs that bite, lick or chew at their feet constantly, you are probably already aware that it can be irritating for both you and your dog as well as difficult to treat.

Why Does My Dog Lick or Chew at His Paws?

There are many different reasons your dog may be licking or chewing at his feet.

1-Allergies to something he is coming into contact with as food allergies and cleaners.

2-irritating substances that stick to your dog’s paws.

3-boredom, anxiety or OCD disorders can all cause this type of behavior.

How Can I Stop My Dog From Chewing or Licking at His Feet?

A great deal of the treatment will be dependent on the cause. But here is a simple tip that is offered by Dr. Karen Becker that may help many dogs that chew or lick at their feet. While I don’t always agree with Dr. Becker’s advice, I think this is a great tip. It’s relatively easy to do, extremely safe, inexpensive and definitely worth a try for any dog that chews or licks constantly at his feet.

What is the tip?

A simple foot bath with diluted povidone iodine, a disinfect readily available in any pharmacy. Dr. Becker talks more about giving your dog a foot bath in the video below. Take a look

One additional thought on my part: While I agree with Dr. Becker that a full foot bath is the most effective technique to remove the allergens and irritants from your dog’s paws, I do feel that wiping your dog’s feet down with a pet wipe or something similar when he comes in from outdoors can have some value also. I recommend a combination of the two. For most people, bathing your dog’s paws after each visit outside is probably somewhat unpractical. However, wiping the paws down after each outdoor adventure is usually not as much of an inconvenience. So, wipe your dog’s paws each time he comes indoors and gives him a foot bath once a day, if possible.

Will, this trick work for all dogs? No, but it will work for many. Dr. Becker estimates that as many as 50% of the dogs with this problem can be helped with regular foot baths.

Now it’s your turn to share. Do any of you have a dog that chews or licks at his paws? If so, have you tried a foot bath? Was it successful? Have you found something else that works better? Share your thoughts and experiences in a comment below.

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