puppy training

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The most important aspect of training your new puppy or kitten is to fully understand what this bundle of joy is in front of you.    You have a new member of the family that is willing to give their all just for the comfort of a pat or a sign of affection.


This new family member will provide fun and joy and frustration just like any other member of your family, treat it with same respect and affection that you would if it was your child, brother or sister.


Step 1 One of the most important fundamental items to remember when training your puppy or kitten from day 1 is to always speak to them whilst maintaining an even voice and constant eye contact, this is so important in the earlier stages of development of creating a bonding between you and your new pet.


  Step 2 People have the common misconception that the very first thing that we need to teach our pet is how not go the toilet inside, this is not always the best approach as it leads to a lot of frustration on the owners part and confusion for your new pet, ideally the first approach should be to create an area within the home where the puppy or kitten knows that this is their special area, we do this by setting up a “zone”, put their bedding and toys there. It is very crucial in these early stages of setting up the zone that when you are placing the puppy or kitten into their area you must be sitting beside the zone, this enforces to them that this is an area that is safe and comforting.

Doing this on a regular basis over the first week of your new pet arriving will solve a lot of anxiety of owners with pets roaming freely throughout the home.

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