Caring for Dogs with Cataracts

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Caring for Dogs with CataractsDogs cataracts

Dogs cataracts are a serious disease that can easily be cured but not prevented.
However, a lot of pet owners can’t pay for the surgery needed by their pets. Right now, the only known cure for this disease is to remove the cataract formation in the dog’s eyes, and if possible, take out the lens and replace it with an artificial one.

This procedure can be quite costly, especially for dog owners with a marginal income. However, leaving your pet alone in its pain is unbearable and inhumane. There is definitely something that pet owners can do even if they can’t afford to send their dog in for surgery. Proper care and attention should be good enough to keep your dog’s condition from getting worse over time.
Remember that a cataract is a degenerative disease. It can go from mild to severe in a manner of months. What seems to be a partial or immature cataract can easily become mature cataract without the right care. When that happens, you can be almost sure your dog will go totally blind.

To prevent that from happening, try to give your dog eye medicine. Eye medicines are recommended for pet owners who can’t go to the surgeon for dog cataract removal. There are powerful eye drops that can keep your pet’s vision clear enough, despite the fact that it has cataracts.

Aside from total blindness, cataracts may also cause inflammation inside your dog’s eyes. This is the worst complication your pet may go through, as it may damage other body parts as well. If you choose not to go for surgery, you have to realize that you have to give eye drops to your pet for life. This becomes a permanent maintenance medicine for them. Such an eye drop should be prescribed by a licensed veterinarian accordingly.

Aside from the regular use of eye drops, your dog has to be taken to the vet for eye examinations periodically. The vet will have to check your dog’s retina from time to time so that it can anticipate further damages and possibly prevent these from occurring. The checkup will also be crucial in determining your pet’s response to the medicines given to it. It allows the vet to increase or decrease dosage as necessary.

You also have to make sure that your pet gets comfortable bedding, proper hygiene, and good grooming. These are the basics that your dog needs and they should be especially given to pets suffering from any type of disease. You should also provide your pet with all the food, supplements, and nutrition it requires. Certain nutrients can help improve your dog’s eyesight. Using them on a daily basis can help your dog greatly in managing this disease.

Don’t feel bad if you can’t bring your dog to the surgeon because you can’t afford it. There is an alternate way, although this one requires your personal care and attention. Giving eye drops to your pet on a regular basis is quite a task. However, if you truly love your pet and will do anything to alleviate its condition, this becomes an easy job to commit to.

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