Horner Disease in Dogs

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Horners disease is a condition that results because of the mal-functioning in the sensitive nerves around the eyes and the face muscles. This ailment occurs because of some injury or even lesion of the nerves and the injury can be any where from head to the spinal cord or from face to the spinal cord.

The reasons for a dog suffering from Horners disease are many but, the general cause is Ideopathic meaning that it originates by itself and the cause for it is unknown. However, it has been observed over the last few years that this disease is more commonly found in Golden retrievers and Cocker spaniels than any other breed of dogs.

Symptoms/ Signs of Horners Disease

The following are the symptoms or signs of this Disease

1) The affected eye looks hollow. This condition is also termed as Enophtalamos.

2) The affected eye-lids appear to be droopy. This condition is known as Ptosis.

3) The pupils seem to have been reduced in size. This is known as Miosis.

4) The third eye-lid looks like it is overhanging.

5) The side of the face affected appears to be hot when touched as the blood vessels in that region have expanded in size.

Treatment/ Vaccination of Horners Disease

Eye drops called Phenylephrine are given to the dog to relieve the symptoms after an interval of every 12-24 hours. Also, the type of treatment that needs to be given is depends upon the underlying trauma caused to the nervous system. If the dog has idiopathic syndrome then the dog may take as long as 2 months to recover.

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