Home Remedies for Mange in Dogs

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Home Remedies for Mange in Dogs

Mange is a severe skin problem that needs to be addressed immediately. However, in case you can’t visit a veterinarian right away, these home remedies might help. Keep in mind that home remedies only provide temporary relief for your pet. Thorough diagnosis and several visits to the veterinarian are still the best solutions for this problem.

Here are some effective home remedies for dog mange:

    • Cooking oil

To provide soothing relief from mites, all you need is a few drops of cooking oil directly applied on the affected areas. Cooking oil helps soften the waxy deposits that mites create on the surface of the dog’s skin. It can also kill a good number of mites in the process.

    • Lukewarm soapy water

If there’s no cooking oil around, lukewarm soapy water is a good alternative. Like cooking oil, a few drops of warm water with soap can clean off the mites present in the dog’s skin. It will also disinfect the affected areas so that the problem will not spread on the other parts of the body.

    • Green leafy vegetables and herbs

A good diet is always conducive to good health. If your dogs are suffering from mange, it is best that you give them a nutritional, raw food diet as advised by the veterinarian. Your dog’s diet should consist of finely chopped green vegetables along with herbs such as olive leaf extract, astragulus, cat’s claw, and kyolic garlic.

    • Maximum hygiene

Dogs with mange should bathe as often as necessary. Clean the dog’s kennel and living area regularly. Doing this may not directly treat the disease, but it will definitely prevent the parasites from proliferating. Make sure that your dog’s bedding is washed very often. Keep in mind that mites can transfer to humans, so you have to be extra careful with your dog’s belongings, especially if it lives inside the house with you.

    • Lavander oil, almond oil, and neem oil

The combination of these oils is a good topical treatment for mange. Apply it after your dog has taken a bath. For maximum results, apply it on the affected areas twice daily. Use one part lavender oil, nine parts almond oil, and one part neem oil for best results.

    • Yellow dock extract and Echinacea extract

If you happen to have easy access to these herbal extracts, mix ten drops of each in 4 ounces of distilled water. Apply the resulting solution on the affected parts, and the skin disease should heal in time.



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