Flea treatment for dogs home remedies

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Flea treatment for dogs home remedies

flea treatment for dogs may be performed by chemical formulas and by the use of home remedies. Most of the known natural cures for dog fleas are not only effective but very cost-efficient as well. Dog fleas can be treated by using herbs, ingredients, and food items that can easily be found at home or obtained at the grocery store.

Flea treatment for dogs home remedies you can use for your dog suffering from dog fleas are as follows:

1. Eucalyptus oil

Many natural oils are effective repellents. Eucalyptus oil, when combined with Aloe Vera juice, witch hazel extract, and citronella oil, makes an effective topical treatment against dog fleas. Ask your vet or an herbal expert about the proper ratio of these oils to help combat dog fleas and certain types of skin diseases.

2. Cedar beds

Cedar leaves are also a good dog flea repellent. Wash the bedding of your dog thoroughly. Cover its sleeping area with the right amount of cedar leaves. By using the leaves as the dog’s bed, the fleas are repelled effectively. The leaves’ pungent scent drives the fleas away.

3. Fresh garlic

Garlic added to your dog’s meals can help greatly in preventing dog fleas. It can make your pet’s skin generate a slightly strong odor that fleas don’t like, and will stay away from. You can simply sprinkle a small amount of powdered garlic onto your dog’s meal. That should be enough to ward off fleas.

4. Nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast can also be added to your dog’s meal, just in case your pet is not tolerant of garlic. This can be used as an alternative and it will basically produce the same effect. You can buy nutritional or Brewer’s yeast from health supplement outlets or herbal shops.

5. Orange peel bath

Give your dog immediate relief from the itching and pain of dog fleas by bathing it with orange peels soaked in water. Orange and other citrus fruits contain a chemical that can get rid of fleas on contact. Twice weekly citrus fruit baths may help your dog a lot.

6. Pennyroyal oil

Certain herbal oils can ward off fleas. Pennyroyal is one of them. However, it is important that this oil is diluted before applying on the skin of your dog. It is also possible to add a few drops of the oil to your dog’s bath.

7. Thiamin supplement

Thiamin is one of the B Vitamins. You can obtain Thiamin capsules from pharmacies and health stores. It is possible to give a Thiamin capsule to your pet as an oral remedy against dog fleas. However, you have to consult with the vet before undertaking this procedure. This is to make sure that none of your pet’s existing flea medicines will interact negatively with the supplement.

8. Fatty acid supplements

Aside from Thiamin, fatty acid supplements can also be used against dog fleas. Such oral medication can give your pet relief from the itching caused by the flea bites. However, it may take more than a month for it to work fully. Again, ask your vet about the right dosage.

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