What are Common Dog Skin Problems

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What are Common Dog Skin Problems Issues associated with dry skin, allergies, and infections?

the clinical signs of dog skin problems

The first thing you will notice is :
– a lot of scratching.
– paw licking, biting.
– restlessness.

This also leads to a host of itchy dry dog skin problems that can worsen and lead to hot spots, mange, yeast infections, and mite infestations.

Luckily there are many things that can be done to help protect against these canine skin infections, but let’s first look at some common issues that develop in the springtime.

Common Dog Skin Problems:

1. Hot Spots: hot spots develop on many areas of a dog and are often associated with isolated sores that can develop as a result of licking and scratching dry skin and sores. Sometimes hot spots on dogs develop as a result of flea and insect bites.

2. Itching, Scratching, Dog Dry Skin Infections: these common Dog Skin problems can be the result of many issues and are usually treated very effectively with a medicated dog shampoo for dry skin

3. Flea, tick and Insect Bites: the warmer weather brings bites which lead to irritations on the skin. To avoid these nasty bites be sure to use a natural flea repellent spray and shampoo, tea tree oil, citronella, and orange essentials oils work great in flea and tick pet shampoos.

They also soothe the skin and coat and help provide immediate relief of dry skin, sores, and scratching of the skin

4. Mange, Scabies, and Mites: these little guys are bad and hard to deal with. They usually form in dogs with poor health and a depleted immune system.

There are many treatment options available, some prescription dips, all natural shampoos, and enzymes. In the long run, enzymes work best as they will prevent mange and mites from returning on your dog.

5. Rashes and Yeast Infections: these skin problems are often these same, if not similar to hot spots and balding. Yeast infections on a dogs skin is a fungus and is treated by a veterinarian easily with a medicated dog shampoo, dip, medications, and sometimes a diet change.

Now that we have a good idea as to what causes itchy and dry dogs skin we need to look into treatment options.

Effective Treatment Options for Common Dog Skin Problems, Infections, and Skin Allergies (Eczema) :

1. The most important issue is actually diet and the ability to process nutrients in the diet. Start with a good dog food and be sure to give your dog digestive enzymes daily. They need these enzymes to absorb nutrients and protect their skin. This alone will prevent and, or, treat the vast majority of all skin problems on dogs.

2. Use a good all natural medicated pet shampoo on your dogs that contain oils, oatmeal, and little or no artificial scents and chemicals.

3. Make sure your dog gets regular exercise. When dogs do exercise they become stressed and will quickly develop problems on their coat and skin.

4. Visit your veterinarian on a regular basis.

5. Use a weekly or daily sprays such as Emu Oil, Calendula, or Jojoba oil to condition and heal your dog’s coat and skin.