Best Treatment and Medicine for Dog Arthritis

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Treatment for Dog Arthritis

  • Dog ArthritisDog arthritis is one of the most common conditions that is treated by veterinarians.
  • Old dogs are more susceptible than younger ones.
  • Dogs are very prone to this disease because of their nature.
  • Therefore, it is important for all pet owners to understand what this disease is, so they can protect their dogs against it.
  • The veterinarian Should diagnose your dog with arthritis.

the following course of treatment is usually carried out to help deal with this condition:

1. NSAID’s

Dogs are given NSAID’s for arthritis. NSAID stands for the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. There are certain formulas that are specially created for pets. While human formulas may also work, you can’t really determine the right dosage unless you consult a veterinarian. A good example of such drug is Rimadyl (Zenecarp in UK), Deramaxx . NSAID’s help by providing pain relief, reducing inflammation, and hindering the progression of the disease.

2. Joint Fluid Modifiers

This drug works by modifying the fluids in the joints to help them to heal.

These are the newer drugs for arthritis. However, these drugs are mostly focused on the long term treatment of this disease.

As such, it may not provide immediate relief for the symptoms of arthritis. Veterinarians usually prescribe these medicines along with NSAID’s, which can actually provide soothing effects immediately.

3. Surgery

  • Surgery may be the only option for dogs with advanced cases of arthritis.
  • However, this is rarely carried out because not many owners are very willing to put their pets through such an ordeal.
  • What’s more, surgery is very expensive.
  • With this being the case, there are fewer veterinarians that are equipped or qualified for this procedure. Just the same, this is an option for pet owners who truly love their dogs, and who are willing to let them undergo surgery to attain relief.

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