Arthritis in dogs Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Arthritis in dogs Causes, Symptoms and Treatment
Arthritis in dogs Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

what do know about Arthritis in dogs Causes, Symptoms and Treatment?

arthritis in dogs is a degenerative disease that causes stiffness in the joints and muscles.

The common causes of arthritis in dogs are:

1. Age

-Dog arthritis is highly observable in senior dogs.

Apparently, it is impossible to stop the natural process of aging. However, there are things that a dog owner can do to possibly prevent the onset of arthritis in their pets.

Proper exercise and maintaining your dog’s weight is the best way to go about it. Then again, pet owners shouldn’t wrongly assume that older dogs are the only candidates for this disease. Younger dogs can also acquire arthritis.

2. Hip dysplasia and related diseases

Other than old age, dog arthritis can also be caused by certain diseases.

One of such diseases is dog hip dysplasia. This disease is characterized by lameness and pain around the joints. The condition is believed to be genetic, although it can be caused by certain environmental factors as well. If your dog suffers from this condition, work closely with the veterinarian to possibly find the right treatment for the disease.

3. Improper nutrition

This is one of the most alarming causes of dog arthritis. If you fail to feed your dog right, chances are high that it will develop arthritis later on its life. An imbalanced diet in minerals or a diet that doesn’t contain the right type and amount of protein is the usual culprit.

Make sure that you feed your dog with the right food. If you do, there’s no reason why you should worry about arthritis or any other diseases for that matter.

4. Poor breeding practices

Arthritis can be a genetic problem. Dog breeders should be very choosy as to which dogs they are to use when breeding. Dogs that have history of arthritis are not a good option because their offspring are more likely to inherit the disease.

5. Injuries

Injuries to the bones, joints, or ligaments can play a crucial role in the development of dog arthritis. If the ligaments of the joints get jagged due to certain physical injuries or accidents, chances are high that the dog will develop arthritis soon enough – especially if the disease is not treated accordingly.

Therefore, you should never ignore problems like these, or try to just let the condition heal naturally. As much as possible, take your dog to the vet for proper diagnosis. Also, see to it that your dog gets the course of treatment it needs.

6. Obesity

Dogs can be overweight too. If your dog has weight problems, it may develop arthritis early on in its life. Try to keep your dog healthy and active. Let it play around the house or take it out for a regular walk. Dogs need exercise as much as you do.

These are the most common causes of arthritis in dogs.Now that you know them, there’s no reason why your pet should suffer from this disease any more than it has to.

Symptoms of Dog Arthritis

Dogs suffering from arthritis will show signs indicating that they do suffer from it. Dog arthritis is a disease that can be very hard to reverse during its advanced stages. As such, every pet owner should be wary of what their dogs are going through to keep them from suffering too much pain and discomfort.

The symptoms of dog arthritis are listed below. If you observe them in your pet, be sure to take them to the vet right away for proper diagnosis:

1. Laziness

Dogs that feel pain on their limbs tend to sulk in one corner and do nothing but sleep all day.

While you think that it is rather normal for your pet to feel lazy every now and then, you should be thoroughly concerned about its condition whenever your dog remains in that state for a long period of time. Laziness in previously active dogs is a telltale sign of arthritis.

2. Pain in the legs

Try to make your dog stand on its two hind feet. If it can barely achieve that position, the chances are high that it is suffering from arthritis. Some dogs can even walk on two feet during their younger years.

If this isn’t possible with your dog, you can’t simply blame it on old age. It might be arthritis and the problem can still be cured if you deal with it immediately.

3. Weight Loss

Dogs with arthritis may lose weight without you noticing it. Arthritis can directly affect their appetite. If your dog barely finishes its meal, you know that it is sick. Take it to the vet to know exactly what it is that’s wrong with your pet.

4. Fever

Some advanced cases of arthritis will cause your dog to develop fever. Pain and fever are two serious signs that your pet is suffering from an advanced case of arthritis. Of course, it can still be caused by other diseases. Be sure to give your dog first aid whenever problems like these arise.

5. Diminished muscle tone

Some breeds of dogs have good muscles, form, and build. If suddenly your dog loses its physique, it may be due to arthritis. Dogs suffering from arthritic pain will stop running around and exercising on their own. This is the main reason why their bodies may be less fit that before. If you observe this in your pet, it is best that you check for other symptoms to know for sure that its problem is arthritis.

Arthritis is a very common disease. If your dog is old, you might have to be aware that it may suffer from this disease if you don’t go through the necessary prevention steps. While arthritis is almost a given in senior dogs, you can still take extra measures to make sure that your dog won’t suffer from in the future.

If your dog does have arthritis, strive to provide it with the best care and attention at all times. You and your dog might have to go through some lifestyle changes to better manage this disease, and to keep the symptoms listed above from showing.

Treatment for Dog Arthritis

Dog arthritis is one of the most common conditions that is treated by veterinarians. Old dogs tend to suffer from this disease more than younger dogs. Dogs are very prone to this disease because of their nature. Therefore, it is important for all pet owners to understand what this disease is, so they can protect their dogs against it.

Should the veterinarian diagnose your dog with arthritis, the following course of treatment is usually carried out to help deal with this condition:

1. anti-inflammatory (NSAID’s)

Dogs are given NSAID’s for arthritis.  There are certain formulas that are specially created for pets. While human formulas may also work, you can’t really determine the right dosage unless you consult a veterinarian.

A good example of such drug is Rimadyl (Zenecarp in UK), Deramaxx . NSAID’s help by providing pain relief, reducing inflammation, and hindering the progression of the disease.

2. Joint Fluid Modifiers

This drug works by modifying the fluids in the joints to help them to heal. it is the newer method for arthritis treating. However, these drugs are mostly focused on the long-term treatment of this disease.

As such, it may not provide immediate relief for the symptoms of arthritis. Veterinarians usually prescribe these medicines along with NSAID’s, which can actually provide soothing effects immediately.

3. Surgery

Surgery may be the only option for dogs with advanced cases of arthritis. However, this is rarely carried out because not many owners are very willing to put their pets through such an ordeal. What’s more, surgery is very expensive. With this being the case, there are fewer veterinarians that are equipped or qualified for this procedure. Just the same, this is an option for pet owners who truly love their dogs and who are willing to let them undergo surgery to attain relief.

4. Natural Cures

There is a range of natural treatment therapies for dogs with arthritis. Most of these cures can be bought at health care and herbal stores. If you want to know more about the herbs and natural formulations to treat arthritis, visit an herbal store near you or an online herb shop to guide you towards the right remedy.

5. Vaccines

There are many vaccines for dogs that can help them fight off the effects of arthritis. This course of treatment is more of a preventive method against arthritis rather than a cure. Taking your dog to the veterinarian for regular checkups will also help greatly in keeping this disease at bay.

Dogs do have a fighting chance against arthritis. However, it is always up to you, as a pet owner to treat or to prevent it. Be very sensitive to your pet’s condition. Determine if it’s feeling sick or not.

When arthritis is diagnosed at an early stage, its effects can still be reversed. However, during its later stages, it will be very difficult even for the veterinarian to provide help to your pet.

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