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December 2018

Hip Dysplasia in Dogs Signs &Treatment

Signs of Hip Dysplasia in DogsHip dysplasia in dogs essentially is a deformity of the coxofemoral  joint. it can be lead to degeneration of the joint, inflammation arthritis, and pain.The vast majority of dog acquire hip

Skin Allergies (Eczema) in dogs symptoms

EczemaEczema is a common skin disease of dogs characterized by a variable degree of redness or an accumulation of watery or pus-like discharges with subsequent formation of crusts and scabs. There is intense itching, frequent loss of…

Best Flea Shampoo For Dogs Review

Best Flea Shampoo for Dogs reviewIf you notice that your dog is scratching furiously and often, then the chances are good it has a flea infestation. Among the many ways available to treat your dog is a dog flea shampoo, which…