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Dog Diseases

common dog diseases and conditions, you can recognize symptoms Prevention, Treatment your dog.

Dog Teeth Problems

Dog Teeth Problems Dental Fistula Well-cared-for dog teeth are essential to the health of the pet. The teeth of young, vigorous animals usually demand little or no attention, but dental ailments become of increasing fre­quency and importance as the animal gets older. Most den­tal derangements are readily remedied, but if they are neg­lected serious secondary disturbances may …

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Canine Abscesses

Canine Abscesses An abscess is the formation of an accumulation of infectious material contained in a thick, yellow fluid. An abscess that has fully formed feels like a “water-filled balloon”. The surrounding area is often very swollen and painful and may feel hot to the touch. Although abscesses can occur from many different sources and …

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