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common dog diseases and conditions, you can recognize symptoms Prevention, Treatment your dog.

Dealing with Yeast Infection in Dog Ears

The yeast infection in dogs ears can be a common problem to many of our canine best friends. This is caused by the malassezia patchydermis, an organism that is usually found on the skin of the dog. The infections are usually caused by the…

Kidney Failure In Dog

Kidney Failure In Dog.Drinking and urinating more often are generally the first symptoms that most owners notice right away. Even dogs that have never had a problem in the past may begin to have accidents in the house because they can’t…

Diabetes in dogs

Dog DiabetesDiabetes in dogs can be just as serious as it is in humans. Your pet may have a significant number of health problems if this condition, often referred to as the “silent killer”, is left untreated.Dog diabetes…