Canine Bad Breath Sign of Dog Dental Disease

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Take that doggy bad breath seriously, you never know, it might be a symptom of dog dental disease. A lot of dogs are prone to attack by dental disease. Haven’t you noticed bad breath in a lot of dogs you’ve interacted with? Well, that bad breath, is a sure indication that bacteria is hard at work on your dog’s teeth and gum area!

If treatment is not administered fast enough, your canine friend could end up in a lot of trouble indeed. Oh and if that didn’t scare you enough, stats prove that 80% dogs, who are above the age of three have some form of dental disease or the other!

The most obvious symptom of dental disease in your dog is, as has been mentioned, bad breath. Abnormal amount of drooling and loss of teeth are also other signs that your dog is afflicted by some form of dental disease or the other. Development of a stubborn, yellowish crust in the teeth-gum area and change in your dogs chewing habits are other symptoms dog dental disease. Bloody gums too, feature on this list.

Some Common Diseases and Their Treatment

Periodontal disease is one of the most common dental diseases in dogs. This occurs due to the accumulation of excessive calculus (combination of doggy saliva and minerals) on your dogs gums. This is a stubborn deposition which refuses to go away. Proper cleaning, surgery, tooth extraction, planing of root and removal of affected tissue are the common treatments available for this disease. A vaccine is also available which prevents your dog from contracting it.


Gingivitis is another common dog dental disease. It is characterized by the inflammation of the gum area. Ulcers also may develop in advanced stages, making this an extremely painful condition. Gingivitis too, is treated by first cleaning your dogs mouth, damaged tissues and teeth are removed and regular cleaning-up jobs performed thereafter.

Retention of baby teeth

Retention of baby teeth is also a problem that many dogs face.

Treatment for this condition is quite obvious and involves the removal of the baby teeth as soon as possible. This must be done with caution as there is a possibility that the permanent tooth might get damaged!

On the whole though, dog dental disease can be prevented by regular cleaning of your dogs teeth, so take out that toothbrush and get to work!

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