Symptoms and treatment Dog Nail Disease

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Like humans, even dogs are at a risk of contracting nail disease. It is very seldom that dogs have this disease. The fungus that causes this disease in dogs is called Blastomyces dermatitidis and this fungal ailment is prevalent in moist surroundings like damp ground surface, any place where water collects and soils. It has been observed that male dogs are more prone to nail disease than females. Another thing that results in dogs getting this illness is excessive licking of their body.

Symptoms/ Signs of Dog Nail Disease

There might not be any visible signs of this disease and it may require even a few days before the disease is detected as it does not cause the instant problem to the dog.

1) There is a possibility that the dog suffering from nail disease is uninterested in his food or may be he does not have the appropriate amount of nutrients that help in keeping the dogs skin and nails healthy.

2) Another major sign of nail disease is the condition of the dogs feet. If they are broken or fractured then it may cause nail disease.

3) There are certain medical signs that can help identify this Disease

a) Onyxis means a nail that appears abnormal. It can damage only one nail or even some of the nails and is causes agony to the dog.

b) Onychoschisis which means that the nail splits.

c) Perionyxis results in the dog having irritation in the nail fold.

d) Onychorrhexis means that the fragile nails break off.

e) Onychogryphosis and Onychoclasis- In the former one the nails look deformed and elongated. In the latter one the claw of the dog gets fractured.

Treatment/ Vaccination of Dog Nail Disease

The treatment in this disease is taking proper care of the dog. The dogs nails should be trimmed after an interval of a few days. Also, care should be taken that adequate hygiene level is maintained and that the dog is healthy. The dog must not be allowed to go in damp places and contract this ailment as it can relapse.

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