Top Five Best Flea Treatment for Dogs in 2015 Reviews

Best flea treatment for dogs reviewsWe all love dogs as they are man’s best friend. Dogs have for a long time been known to form a unique bond with their owners. They are wonderful animals and must be treated with the uttermost care. Just like human beings and other animals, dogs require protection against harmful microorganisms in the environment. In most cases they are at risk of been infested with fleas, ticks and lice. It is important to use the best flea treatment for dogs if they are to remain health and unharmed.

With the wide range of products in the market, it is the responsibility of every dog owner to ensure they choose best treatment for their dogs. Personally I have loved dogs as I grew up and take every detail into account when purchasing medicine and food for my dogs. Selecting the best medicine for your dog will ensure it remains safe and protected from these harmful pests. The list below shows the pesticides that work effectively without causing any harm to the dogs. Any form of treatment must not pose any danger to the dog or its owners. These are the ones that I have used and they have proved successful in the elimination of fleas, ticks and lice in their various life cycles

Top Five Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

1. The Merial Frontline For tick and Fleas

Best flea treatment for dogsThe Merial Frontline for tick and flea take the first spot on my list with its excellent active ingredient. It is a perfect choice and can stay for almost a lifetime as long as it’s kept properly. This is one product without an expiry date. Merial Frontline is an effective treatment for killing fleas, ticks and lice helping keep your dog and puppies in the perfect healthy condition. Most dog owners hate the fact that they have to use pesticides on the dogs but they have no choice. Fleas and ticks will always appear no matter how clean you maintain your dog. The Frontline product provides your dog with the best and safest treatment method for fleas. It has undergone an extensive medical trial since 1985 and uses the safest active ingredient that does not pose any health risks to your dog.

The Merial comes with a three easy step application process making it very easy to use. With a three dose supply, it provides a relief from ticks, flea and flea eggs and lice for up to three months. This means your dog can remain safe and free from any pests putting it in the perfect healthy conditions. The treatment is ideal for dogs as from the ages of 8 weeks older. Dogs weighing as from 45 to 88 pounds can be sprayed with frontline without any health risks. The Frontline product uses the Fipronil active ingredient which is by far the least risk to dogs as compared to pyrethrum which is a lethal neurotoxin. If undecided on the right best flea medicine for your dog, then I recommend the Merial Frontline. It is safer and very easy to apply keeping your dog safe at all times from this harmful pests. [Read Full Reviews]

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2. Novartis Capstar Flea tablet for dogs and cats

Capstar best dog flea treatment medicineThe Novartis Capstar flea control tablets are an ideal choice for small cats and dogs weighing below 25lbs. They are effective and specifically produced for cats and small dogs. The product is sold as a single box with six tablets making it very easy to administer. One of the main reasons why this treatment is ideal for fleas is the fact that it is administered in a single dosage. Dog and cat owners will have no problem of having to administer the tablets on specific periods of time.

A single dosage is capable of killing all the all the fleas whether adult or young. The fleas on dogs will die with duration of four hours while those on cats will die within six hours. The treatment does not work on the long term but will kill all the fleas on the animal within the specified period. It has been scientifically tested and will remain active within a period of 24 hours after application. This means any flea that land on your cat or dog within 24 hours of treatment will be killed.

It is important to note that the fleas will bite more as they feel the pain of the tablets. It is highly recommended that you keep your animals inside when administering the treatment to prevent them from straying around. If you spot a flea on your animal, the getting the Novartis flea tablet control will help keep your pet safe and health.

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3. Bayer Advantage 2 Topical Flea Treatment for dogs

best flea medicine for your dogsThe Bayer advantage is another excellent choice for treating your dog. It is one of the best medicines for dogs with capabilities of keeping fleas at bay for up to four weeks after treatment. The Bayer treatment when properly applied will kill all adult fleas, the flea eggs and larvae. The treatment is highly effective making it an ideal choice for most dog owners. Unlike most treatment that lose their ability to kill fleas after washing or shampooing the dog; the Bayer Advantage remains effective. This means you can wash your dog and still the treatment remains active.

A single treatment with the Bayer Topical offers protection for at least a month after treatment without any worries of the fleas coming back. The effect of the topical treatment starts to work in minutes killing all the eggs, larvae and adults fleas. Once you kill the eggs, the larvae cannot be able to hatch helping prevent the life cycle of the fleas. This means any fleas in your home will have to come from outside but not hatched. The fact that this treatment prevents re-infestation of fleas on your dog makes it very effective. Any new fleas landing on your dog will die within two hours of landing. However, this works within a month from the date of treatment. Fleas that over winter near you home to suck blood from your dog will no longer be there helping further keep your home safe for every person. It is a perfect choice for dog owners looking to keep the dogs free from flea.

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4. Bayer K9 Advantix 2 Flea and Tick Control Treatment for Dogs

Best flea treatment medicine for your dogsAnother great pick for treating your dogs from ticks and fleas. It works in the similar way as the Bayer Advantage 2 but remains very gentle. It can be used on puppies as small as 7 weeks old without any health risks. For those having worries about their little puppies, the K9 work just fine helping protect them from any harm. The dog can then be exposed to sunlight and water without any side finishing off the powerful effects of the treatment. This makes the K9 treatment an ideal choice for treating dogs with. Ticks and fleas will be kept at bay without causing any harm to the dog. Owners can easily shower their dogs but the preventive effect of the treatment will still remain.

It kills fleas and ticks at any stage of their life cycle ensuring none remain to come back later. Once all the life cycles of the ticks and fleas have been killed, your dog will remain in the most perfect health condition. The treatment even controls mosquitoes and other pests. This ensures your home remain pest free throughout the year. The only danger with the K9 is when overdosed. You need to carefully follow all the instructions on the labeling to avoid applying it in excess. Excessive dosages can pose serious dangers to your dog as the case is similar with other medicines.

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5. PetArmor Squeeze on Dog Flea and Tick Repellant

Pet amrmor - best flea treatment for dogsThis is another alternative choice for the Frontline treatment but comes at a cheaper price. It is cost effective making it affordable to almost every dog owner. Despite the low cost, the PetArmor is one of the best flea treatments for dogs weighing as from five to 22 pounds. It is highly effective and starts to work within the first hour of been administered. It kills all adult fleas and all forms of ticks. Some of the most common commonly ticks that it kills with ease include the American dog ticks, the brown ticks and the lone star ticks. All these are dangerous ticks that can easily transmit the Lyme disease.

It also uses the fibronil ingredient same as Frontline which is non-toxic ensuring your dog is not exposed to any dangers. It is very easy to use making all the administration work easier for all dog owners. The fact that it is specifically formulated to meet the requirements of your dog’s weight makes it the best flea treatment for dogs. It is packed in a three month package ensuring you have a dosage for all the three months. It does not have any strong smells of chemicals that can irritate your dog. With clear instructions on how to apply it, dog owners will have no difficulties keeping their dogs safe and free from these harmful pests. Instead of going all out for those expensive but untested flea treatments, the PetArmor remains relatives effective despite the small price. It further helps you save on your hard earned money while serving you perfectly.

The five flea treatments above remain the best in the market. For most dog owners, it can be a hell lot difficult making the decision of buying a flea treatment for dog. Most people fear for the dogs not knowing the chemical composition of the treatments they are going for and the side effects they may have on their dogs. This is why it becomes absolutely necessary to try and work with the tested and proved treatments. Personally the five treatments above remain the best having tried each out. It is up to you to choose one the perfectly fits your dog’s needs.

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Users Guide: How To Apply Flea Treatment For Dogs

1. Know the right treatment for your dog

Application of flea treatment starts by first knowing the right flea treatment for your dog. Weight your dog properly and know the correct type of treatment required. You can choose from the above list depending on your dog weight.

2. Read all the instructions on the package and prepare the dosage

The treatments application may vary depending on the type of treatment purchased. Read all the instructions and understand them before starting to prepare the dosage. Applying the exact amounts as stated in the manual instruction is important as this will prevent any harm to your dog. Further, it will ensure your dog is protected during the application period.

3. Position the dog

You need to calm your dog and position it properly. You can have another person helping you with the dog. A standing position will provide you with most body parts of the dog allowing you to apply the treatments effectively.

4. Apply the treatment

This is the most important step in the application of the treatment. Go ahead and part the dog’s fur as you apply the treatment to all parts. The area around the necks and hidden parts like the ears are perfect hiding places for fleas and dogs. Ensue you apply the treatment to all parts while making the dog as comfortable as possible. You can cuddle the dog on the neck as someone else applies the treatments on all parts of the body.

how to apply flea treatment for dogs

It is important to wear protective clothing like gloves to avoid touching the treatment directly. Once through with the application process, store the remaining treatment as per the instructions on the packages.

5. Leave the dog dry for 24 hours

Leaving the dog dry for 24 hours in another important step in ensuring the treatments work. Most of the treatments applied require a maximum exposure. The medicine will be absorbed within this period preventing it from spreading to fingers and hands. The dogs must not be allowed to get wet within 24 hours of applying the medicine as the treatment can wear off.

6. Apply regularly depending on the treatment used

Apply the next treatment within the specified period as per the instructions on the package. Most treatments may require a single dosage like the Novartis Capstar.

Precautions when treating your dog

Dog flea treatment proNever attempt to treat your dog with more than one treatment in the same period. Treating your dog with more than one pesticide at a time will pose danger to your dog as thy can react and cause harm to your dog.

Carefully weight your dog’s weight and make a pesticide purchase that correctly fit the age bracket of your dog. Some of these simple guidelines can go a long way in ensuring your dog remains health and pest free.

Be sure you buy the right product for the right species. Do not confuse the cat and dog pesticides. If a pesticide is being used for both cat and dogs, be sure to check on the right size. Some of the pesticides are packed differently to differentiate the one for dogs and cats. You can even consult your veterinary officer before making a purchase.

Lastly, avoid going for the costliest pesticides all the time. Been pricey does not mean working effectively. Sometimes the most effective pesticides do not cost a lot. Be sure to read user reviews as you select the best flea treatment for your dogs.

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Individuals looking for the best flea and tick treatment for dogs can select from the above list without any fears. The treatments have worked and remain the safest in the market for getting rid of all fleas and ticks from dogs. Remember fleas and ticks just like other pests have a life cycle and killing all the fleas and ticks in all stages of the life cycle will ensure they completely stay away from your dog. Next time you’re in the market looking for the best flea treatment for dogs, be sure to have a look at the list above. It contains the top five flea treatments that will keep your dog health and looking good.

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